Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How badly do you need a Holiday?

Let’s face it, we live in an ‘always on’ world, we never switch off from work, we head home and there’s a mountain of stuff to do, the weekends are jam-packed while that tablet or iPad is sitting right next to you all the time, checking up on work. It never ends. We’re not actually stressed out; we’re more than likely burned out.

Did you know that we are taking less vacation days per year? Americans only take 10 out of 14 given; the Japanese take 7 out of 18 and the South Koreans only 7 out of 10.5. That’s a lot of vacation days missing to rejuvenate our souls and when you have one precious week of vacation, you want to make sure it matters.

Livigno Hotel Wellness at the Alexander Charme Hotel might just be the answer for you. Take our quiz and see how badly you really need a rejuvenating holiday to get you firing on all cylinders again.

1.How many days leave have you taken over an annual period?

If its 10 days or less you need some time out to relax, rejuvenate and be kind to yourself. The best type of vacation you can take is somewhere that will invigorate and relax you at the same time. Livigno Hotel Wellness has absolutely everything you need, set in the Italian Alps with amazing views and a spa to pamper you.

2.How many hours do you work per week?

Our bodies aren’t made for the constant pressure of working over 40 hours a week, which is an increasing trend. This kind of pressure that you put on yourself can take its toll on your body, and not in a good way. So you might leave the office after an 8 hour day, but you are always switched on, checking that everything is okay at work, answering emails and phone calls. If you add those hours in, it’s likely to be a whole lot more. We sometimes forget that we need to take care of ourselves. If you’re working a long week, it’s time for a holiday and make sure you throw a spa in there too, just like Livigno Hotel Wellness.

3.What is your mood like?

Are you irritable, moody, maybe even feeling a bit down and you might even be exhausted. If you don’t take a well-deserved break, you can land up with more serious health issues. You definitely need to book that time off, and get yourself on holiday. The Italian Alps will most certainly make sure that you get that much needed rest, relaxation and pampering.

4.Do you take a break during your working day?

You cannot just sit at your computer like a robot each and every day without taking a single break. And by the way surfing the internet doesn’t count as a break. You will burn out, and quickly. You need to get outside and take a breather. Again, if you keep working solidly through the day, that body of yours is going to be crying out for some help and that help is in the form of a holiday, where you are completely switched off, no emails or phone calls allowed, just a relaxing break to clear your mind.

5.Do you work with ‘workaholics’?

Most people work in offices where people are complete and utter workaholics, never taking a break, and seemingly on super drive. If you work in an office with workaholics you’re going to feel compelled to work in the same way too. Warning bells…your body won’t be happy! A break at the Alexander Charme Hotel will refocus your mind and allow you the time and space to work out your priorities, and of course allow for some pampering.

The bottom line is that most people are working like crazy and are not taking care of themselves, which can mean getting sick, being irritable and feeling tired and run down. If any of this seems like you, then you really need a break. The Alexander Charme Hotel is the ideal Wellness hotel Livigno which has an amazing spa to take care of all your needs. The spa has been completely renovated and the amenities include Comfort Zone products, massages, a sauna to relax in, a fully-equipped gym, two Jacuzzis, a luxury sauna and a Turkish bath with an adjoining massage room. It is the ultimate gift you can give yourself or your family.

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